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What does this CD contains ?

  • This CD is first of its kind in the business world
  • It gives complete information on how to start a profitable industry.
  • It contains more than 500 profitable project profiles which can be easily     started and quickly get profits.
  • You can find all information about various profitable industrial projects     with project reports.
  • It covers more than 50 various industrial segments viz. Adhesives,    Agro Processing

How many Projects are listed ?

More than 500 profitable industrial projects are listed with relevant information required.

How this information is useful for me?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a profitable industry or profitable business, this CD gives useful information like

  • How to Start an Industry
  • Project Reports of more than 500 profitable projects
  • Means of Finance
  • Marketing

With the help of this CD you can come to a decision about starting your own Profitable Industry at the earliest.

What are the range of projects ?

We have given various range of projects starting investment with as low as rupees one lakh to few crores. You can choose the project as per your investment capacity.

Each project Contains ?

Product Details, Raw Material Details, Machinery Details, Investment details

How about Industrial Loans ?

We have incorporated complete details about how to approach a Bank for loan and various schemes offered by banks to encourage entrepreneurs to setup industries. This CD contains complete information about getting 2 Crores loan under CGTMSE scheme. This scheme helps entrepreneurs getting 2Crores Loan without offering collateral security to bank or financial institution.

Do you assist in loans ?

We are information providers and we don't offer loans or assist in getting loans. We help entrepreneurs in getting relevant information required at ease.

How about Government subsidies ?

This CD contains all subsidies offered by Government of India for various sectors. This information help you in getting subsidies for starting your own industry.

What is your experience -- How did you sourcethese projects?

We are professional consultants. To our credit we have 15 years of rich experience in project consulting, we have counselled more than 3000 entrepreneurs and assisted them in setting 100 various industries, during our experience we sourced various projects from various organisations and brought them in a CD format.

How can I trust this information

This is a basic information which helps you to select a project, we will assist you in getting complete project report suitable to your area of operation once you decide a project

Can I start an industry immediately basing on the information provided in CD?

Certainly YES..The information provided in the CD will help you in coming to a conclusion in selecting an industry.
For better understanding and to get complete market knowledge - you have to make your home work in getting actual demand and supply in your area